Monday, April 14, 2014

Faux Leather Belt Tutorial and Free Pattern!

As promised here is the tutorial and free pattern for the Faux Leather Belt I made for the Mystery Challenge!
Materials Needed:

  • Faux Leather--1 piece: 4"x 5" and 1 piece: 2" x length of waist + 8"
  • Scrap of fabric--1 piece 10" x 10" or a number of smaller scraps
  • Thick Interfacing (I used Pellon D├ęcor Bond) 8"x 5"
  • Fusible Web (I used Pellon Wonder Under) 4" x 7" 
  • 2 D-Rings 25mm
  • Indian Seed Beads
  • Basic sewing supplies including, sewing machine, iron, hand sewing needle, scissors, pencil
Trace the Teddy Bear pattern onto 2 pieces of interfacing, mirror image.
Either cut out and iron cut out onto back of fabric and leather, or iron onto back of fabric and leather and then cut out.
Trace the shaded circles onto fusible web, labelling them if wanted.

Iron onto back of fabric and cut out.

Very carefully iron onto the faux leather, using the tip of your iron, making sure not to touch the leather with the iron like I did!

Reinforce by stitching around the circles.

Add beads to the Teddy Bear for the nose and eyes.

I strung three beads and then went back into the first bead to make a triangle.
Make sure to stitch them on securely!

You should now have these two pieces:

We are now going to make the bear removable by adding a belt loop to the fabric side of the bear.
Cut a piece of fabric that is 2.5" x 2.5" and sew it into a rectangle with right sides together--only sewing on the 'long' end.
Turn and iron flat.
Fold the short ends under by a scant 1/4" and topstitch onto the bear like this:
Cut a teddy bear out of Fusible Web and iron onto the wrong side of the fabric bear.
Remove paper backing and iron the fabric teddy onto the leather teddy, leather side down (away from the iron).
Put a corresponding color of thread in your sewing machine and stitch around the outside of the bear about 1/8" from edge, as seen in this picture:
Now, for the belt.
Take the long piece of faux leather you cut and fold the sides toward the middle, wrong sides together.
I used a decorative stitch to stitch the edges down in the middle--making sure both edges are caught.
Fold one short end of the belt under by 1/4" and stitch down.
Take the D-Rings and slide them onto the belt, folding the unstitched short side down over the D-Rings by 1 1/4". Fold under 1/4" and top stitch down.
Slide the Teddy Bear on, and you are done! 

I hope you enjoy this tutorial and free pattern!
If you do make it, I'd love to see pictures--just email them to me, or add them to the Flickr group!

Mystery Challenge--A Look Back in Time

Mystery Challenge....
Whew--when I got my challenge from Stephanie over at Swoodson Says--a professional school picture of myself when I was younger, I wasn't sure where to start!!!
My school pictures are not very inspiring. At all.
No fun dresses, no outlandish styles.
Mostly sweaters and t-shirts.
In fact, I hated dresses as a kid and did all I could to dress like a boy.
I actually considered putting together a boy outfit, but that wasn't going to work out the way I wanted.
1997--and yes, I look this geeky on all my pictures after grade 1!
But, then I remembered that I still had the handkerchief that is tied around my neck on this one.
So, I knew I'd go with this one....
Only, what was I to make.
I didn't want to cut it up, and the style of having it tied around your neck is not in at all!
So, I thought, why not use the colors of my outfit and the teddy bears as the start off point.
I made a teddy bear and belt out of faux leather (a tutorial for this is coming up!!)
(UPDATE: Tutorial available here. It includes a free pattern for the Teddy Bear!)
The teddy bear is removable so she can just wear the belt.
I added some beads for the nose and the eyes.  
The leggings are the Go-To Leggings.
Made with a Robert Kaufman knit from, I believe.
I cut a size 3 so they fall right around the knee, so a little longer than the bike shorts length.

And, the dress is the Maggie Mae Tunic and Dress from Shwin Designs in size 4.
It is a little wide, but the belt hides it well!
These fabrics were in my stash--where they are originally from I do not know.
I know I used the brown in a diaper bag before (like years ago) so it might have come from Fabricland. The red may have come from the second hand store.

I also added some belt loops on the sides, to keep the belt in place properly.  
Some, cute star buttons out of my stash, and it's all done!
Notice the snow--it's almost gone!!!
And, her own posing--she loves new dresses and is always quite excited to have a new dress--'For me, Mom?'
Please click over and check out everyone else's themes and projects! I am really excited to see what everyone else made.
Kelly at Kelly J Designs
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Saturday, April 12, 2014

KCW Sewing

I have been sewing along with KCW.
It's just been a bit crazy this week with no time to take pictures and post!
First up was a baby gift for a friend who just had a little baby boy.
The pattern is from Ottobre 3/2013--#3, Baby Whale in size 62 (3-6 m).
The knit is a thin jersey knit from Girl Charlee.
I love how the stripes lined up--first time I got them so perfect.
I did do the neck and arm binding a bit different than the Ottobre method--I just folded it in half and stitched it to the neckline and sleeve ends.
Next, I sewed up 8 pairs (yes, 8) of shorts for my kids.
PJ shorts for the spring that *has* to come sometime!

The fabric is an assortment from my stash:
two in a Thomas fabric from Fabricland,
two in a red star print from a friend,
two in City Centre by Marie Perkins (Robert Kaufman) from the Fat Quarter Shop,
and one each in: Off to the Rescue by Becky Taunton (Newcastle Fabric)
and Meadow Friends by Deb Strain (Moda) both also from the Fat Quarter Shop.
The pattern is from the book, Sewing for Boys--the PJ pant /Sweat pant pattern.
I took it in majorly for the two smaller sets and used the actual width for the two bigger sets.
It also didn't have a shorts option, so I just measured how long I wanted for my kids and cut it that length.
They will be paired with t-shirts from Walmart.

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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Craftsy Giveaway! **CLOSED**

I am so excited!
Craftsy is letting me host a giveaway!
The winner gets to select *any* class up to a $59.99 value.

Here are some of the ones that I think look fun!

And, to improve my rather sad photography skills:

Shoot It!

Of course, there aren't only photography or sewing classes!
There are cooking, baking, knitting, and more classes.
The giveaway will close on the 7th of April.
Click here to
Enter to win a Craftsy class!

Have fun browsing--I'd love to know what class you'd like to take.

**This post contains affiliate links.**

**Giveaway is CLOSED--winner will be emailed!**

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Sewing Machine Review

Christine over at ChrisW Designs is hosting a series of Sewing Machine Reviews.
If you hop over, you'll see my take on the Janome 4120 QDC here!

Sewing Machine Reviews

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Rascal Raglan and Some Fabric

My boys are growing.
And wearing through their clothes rather quickly.
Most of their shirts are either stained, too small, or have holes in them.
I think they have one or two shirts each that are decent enough to wear out.
This is another upcycle--two $3 shirts from Walmart.
I could barely fit the raglan sleeves on the original sleeves but managed to squeeze them out.
The pattern is from Ottobre 4/2013--#9 'Rascal.'

Both are size 110 in width but I added a good bit of length to the red shirt--I'm not sure even how much, but it was a couple of inches for sure.
I would shorten the neck binding next time, and maybe do it as the instructions said...I just folded it in half, sewed it on, and topstitched--not so much a binding but a neck band.
The castle applique is a quilting cotton from Fat Quarter Shop--Madrona Road's 'Haystack' in charcoal. Perfect for castle walls!
The pattern I used for the applique is my own, newly released pattern--Castle Applique Pattern.

The boys love their new shirts.
As do I.
I also bought some more fabric! I had won a $50 gift card to and picked out these lovelies the day I got it--there was a bit of a sale on knits.
My stock of kid prints was rather depleted non-existent, and with a baby coming in June, Lord willing, I thought it'd be wise to stock up. So, there is half yard each of some Ooga Booga--a jersey and an interlock and then some from Heather Ross--both jerseys.
The next two are full yards and then 2 yards of the bottom.
It is such a pretty fabric, I'll probably make myself a dress or so out of that! 

(If you want to shop at, I'd love if you clicked on the little link in the side bar! It's an affiliate link, and I get a little commission. Thanks!!!)

Castle Applique Pattern

I'm super excited to announce my first 'pattern'!
It's an applique pattern, and it is now available on Craftsy, here!
I am so super grateful to the ladies that helped with testing the pattern and who gave such great advice.
I also have a much greater respect for all the pattern designers out there--it took a lot of work making this, I can't imagine a full pattern!

My boys love it too!
They were pretty thrilled with their castles that they requested.
Some tester pics:
Stephanie from
Jess from

Jessica from
Thanks so much!
So, hop over to Craftsy and pick up the pattern! 

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