Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Photo Contest!

The Bettie's Basket Sales & Promotions Facebook group is currently running a photo contest. If you sew anything from a Bettie designer's pattern, you should show off your hard work and submit a photo in the Facebook group! Besides the bragging right, you also have a chance to win some amazing prizes. Most Liked Photo Members of the Bettie's Basket Sales and Promotions group will vote by "liking" their favorite photos. The one that receives most "likes" will get these great prizes:
  • One $50 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop
  • One $35 gift certificate from Fabric Fairy
  • One $25 gift certificate from Gotcha Covered Quilting
  • One copy of "Stylish Home Sewing: 35 Perfect Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful" by Torie Jayne
Designers' Choice The Bettie designers will huddle and vote on their favorite photo. This winner will receive:
  • One $50 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop
  • One $25 gift certificate from UnBiased Fabrics
  • One copy of "Pretty Birds: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love" by Virginia Lindsay Book (physical book to US winner; ebook for non-US winner)
  • One surprise fabric pack from Once Upon a Yard
Random Draw from Submissions
Anybody who submits a photo will have a chance too. One submission will be randomly selected to receive these great prizes. For each photo you submit, you will get a chance. So the more you submit, the better your chance!
  • One $50 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop
  • One $25 gift certificate from Fashionable Fabrics
  • One signed copy of "A Modern Twist: Create Quilts with a Colorful Spin" by Natalie Barnes & Angela Walters
Random Draw from Likers
Even if you haven't sewn from a Bettie designer's pattern (or have no photo to show yet), you will still get a chance to win. One "liker" will be randomly selected to win this prize:
  • One $50 gift certificate from Fat Quarter Shop
Everyday Prizes On each day, 3 or 4 Bettie designers will be featured in the group. If you submit on that day, you will also get a chance to win a pattern from each of the featured designers of the day.

How to Enter

There are two ways to enter.
  1. From now until April 15th, post a photo of your creation made from any of the Bettie designers’ patterns to the “Bettie’s Basket Photo Contest” album in the "Bettie's Basket Sales & Promotion" Facebook group. Be sure to put both the designer and pattern names in the description. (Yes, you can submit multiple entries!)
  2. Even if you haven't sewn any of the Betties' patterns yet, you can still win by voting for your favorite photos. Go to the "Bettie's Basket Photo Contest Album" and "like" your favorite photos. You will get a chance to win the "Random Draw from Likers" prize.

Who Are the Bettie Designers?

Swhetty Bettie Designers We are a group of independent designers. You can read more about the group at the Swhetty Bettie's Blog. Here's the list of designers who are part of this group:
  • Addiek
  • aha customs
  • AimerLae & Finn
  • Air Born Quilts
  • Azurerocket Design Studio
  • Bella sunshine designs
  • Bellamie Boo Couture
  • Boda Baby
  • Boho Banjo Art to Wear
  • CateCreates
  • Dandelions n' Dungarees
  • EYMM
  • FABulous Home Sewn
  • Filles à Maman
  • Genniewren Designs
  • Ginger House Designs
  • Gray days designs
  • Gracious Threads
  • Golden Rippy
  • GYCT Designs
  • The Happy Little Ladybug
  • Honeydew Kisses Patterns
  • Itch To Stitch
  • Jo-Anne Anderson Studio
  • Jocole Patterns
  • Jubilee Junction Patterns
  • Just Bananas Over Soft Toys
  • Kelly J Designs
  • Koda Baby
  • Laela Jeyne Patterns
  • Little Lizard King
  • Lizzie Fran Designs
  • MadeIt Patterns
  • Mandy K Design
  • Max & Meena
  • MCM Studio Designs
  • Momma Quail Patterns
  • Mo's Pattern Shop
  • Muffin Head Patterns
  • My Taylor Made
  • OUSM Designs
  • PiePie Designs
  • Raine Design Patterns
  • Ruby and Jack Patterns
  • Rose & Lee Designs
  • SassHenri Designs
  • Seaside Notions
  • Serger Pepper
  • Sew Jereli
  • Sew Pandi
  • Sew Straight Pattern Co.
  • Sewing Geeks Pattern
  • ShannonMac Designs
  • Sofilantjes
  • Stitchwerx Designs
  • Stitch and Whimsy
  • Staight Stitch Designs
  • Striped Swallow Designs
  • Stubbornly Crafty
  • Swoodson Says
  • the Happy Ladybug
  • Terras Treasures
  • Whimsy Couture
  • Zuzzy Patterns
So if you made something from patterns from these designers, definitely join us at the Bettie's Basket group. This contest is made possible by these sponsors. Be sure to check them out! Fat Quarter Shop Fabric Fairy UnBiased Fabrics Gotcha Covered Quilting  Fashionable Fabrics Once Upon a Yard Pretty Birds: 18 Simple Projects to Sew and Love by Virginia Lindsay Stylish Home Sewing: 35 Perfect Ways to Make Your Home Beautiful by Torie Jayne A Modern Twist: Create Quilts with a Colorful Spin by Natalie Barnes & Angela Walters  

On-the-Go Chalkboard Notebooks

I've had an idea to make the kids a coloring/drawing folder for long trips.
When I saw the chalkboard fabric over at Canadian National Fabric, I knew I had to give it a try!
As I started to browse their awesome selection of wovens, the Wild Horses collection from Michael Miller popped out at me.
The colors would go beautifully with the black of the chalkboard fabric.
And, to add to my certainty, it came in a 'boy' color and a 'girl' color.

Matching solids were soon found--Art Gallery's Pure Elements in Pansy and Fresh Water.
For the record, I had chosen Verve Violet as a match, but she was kind enough to send me a better match along with it!

So I started making them, assembly-line style.

A snap pocket for the chalk.
(Yes, I know...that pocket flap sticks out a little more than intended...the drawbacks of doing assembly line style on a pattern/tutorial-in-progress!)
A pocket for the cloth.

And we were all set to go.

They definitely met with approval and had to be thoroughly tested out.

The chalkboard fabric is not listed at Canadian National Fabric anymore but it is still available by request if you contact her!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Kitchen Gifts

Friends of ours were recently married, so I thought I'd make the wedding gift.
It's a pretty basic set, and it's the first time I used Insul-brite which I bought from Stay Home Fabrics.
The other fabrics are from Canadian National Fabrics.  
They are from the Country Touch line.
For the apron pattern, I traced my apron and 'made' a pattern that way.
The oven mitts are a free pattern from
A gift for myself was that my dishwasher was finally ripped out after never using it in over 7 years.
And, we put some shelving in to hide store the kids' crayons and coloring books, school books, and some other stuff.
A curtain was in order to keep things looking tidy.
Again I used some fabric from the Country Touch line.
It fits in quite good with my kitchen!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

New Release--the Sunburst Clutch Pattern

Yay! It's here!
I've been plugging away at this pattern, and my testers have given me a hand.
Now, I can finally introduce you all to the Sunburst Clutch Pattern!
My first 'prototype' is the one on the right. I ended up extending the flap and shortening the wristlet.
The final is on the left, and I am super happy with the results!
Inside, there is a key ring, and a zippered pouch.

It closes with a magnetic snap.
But, one of the suggestions in the pattern is a turn lock.
I think that'd look really pretty!


 It's perfect for a date night, or when you just want to
grab a quick bag instead of a purse full of stuff!
I love the piecing on it.
It is a bit of a trickier pattern--the piecing has to be done accurately, and being even a little off on the seam allowance will affect the total width of the pieced flap.
But, when done accurately, it really looks a bit like Sunburst--thus the name. (Thanks to one of my lovely testers for the suggestion!)

You can buy the pattern in my Craftsy shop, here.
Or, in my Etsy shop, here.
A huge thank-you to the ladies who helped out testing this pattern!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Final Giveaway--Aspiring Designer's Challenge

AD Challenge March 2015

Another great Aspiring Designer's Challenge by Betties Basket Sales and Promotions is gone, and it was a great one!
Lots of gorgeous new patterns were released, a new giveaway everyday...
... I know you're all waiting the final one, which is HUGE: one lucky reader can win
(and more...)

Yeah, you heard right!

The ENTIRE March Aspiring Designers Collection which includes the new pattern from EACH of these designers:

PLUS, get BONUS patterns from these great designers:

shannon mac design Sewing-Geek-Logo fillesamamanmodern epattern Little Kiwis Closet ruby and jack dandelions 'n' dungarees stitchwerx designs max meena elephants icon bebelambsfinal

That is a CRAZY total of 31 FREE patterns!!

  • Itch To Stitch, Emily Culottes Pattern
  • Zuzzy Patterns, Chestnut Pants pattern
  • GrayDay Patterns, Athena Top pattern
  • Bella Sunshine, Holiday Cutout Dress & Top pattern
  • Boho Banjo art to wear, Adeline Tunic pattern
  • Rose & Lee Designs, Audriella Dress Pattern
  • Kelly J Designs, Building Block Cushion pattern
  • AimerLae & Finn, Picture Perfect Peplum sleeveless pattern
  • OUSM Designs, Grown Up Thumbs Up pattern
  • Air Born Quilts, Southwest Dance Quilt pattern
  • aha customs, Maddy Lou for Blythe pattern
  • Serger Pepper Designs, 1 pattern of choice
  • Muffin Head, the Kimmy Bra pattern
  • Sofilantjes, 1 pattern of choice
  • Golden Rippy, 1 pattern of choice
  • GYCT Designs, 1 pattern of choice
  • AimerLae & Finn, 1 more pattern of choice
  • Rose & Lee Designs, 1 more pattern of choice
  • Mandy K Designs, 1 pattern of choice
  • Fabulous Home Sewn, 1 pattern of choice
  • Shannon Mac Designs, 1 pattern of choice
  • Sewing Geek, 1 pattern of choice
  • Filles à Maman, 1 pattern of choice
  • Littlekiwiscloset, 1 pattern of choice
  • MCM Studio Designs, 1 pattern of choice
  • Ruby & Jack Patterns, 1 pattern of choice
  • Dandelions n' Dungarees, Tini Kini pattern
  • Stitchwerx Designs, 1 (single) pattern of choice
  • Max & Meena, 1 pattern of choice.
  • Bebelambs, 1 pattern of choice
  • Whimsy Couture, 1 pattern of choice

Enter to win the ENTIRE Collection w/ Bonus Patterns Below

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